Dublin Civic Trust

June 2021

Dublin Civic Trust, 18 Ormond Quay is one of 24 "exemplary achievements" from 18 countries to be recognised as winners of the 2021 European Heritage Awards/Europa Nostra Awards.

This Award is a significant award in terms of European Heritage works and a milestone for Geraldine and Graham. Dublin Civic Trust has hosted the AEEBC on a number of occasions, We would like to add our congratulations to DCT on this prestigious award. Read More

Newly elected President of the AEEBC

May 2021

I write to you as newly elected President of the AEEBC. I consider this both a great honour and a challenge as we move forward in these extraordinary times. With Covid, much has been written, experienced, and undergone by our families, work colleagues, and friends.

This, with the final shadow cast from Brexit, will reshape our professional and day-to-day lives. When you consider and then include climate change, sustainability, their impact on the construction industry, we begin to see a roadmap for our organization.

For the AEEBC, the advent of Brexit, although unwanted, still mandates the inclusion of the UK's professional organizations, learning outcomes, and contributions. Politics may change, but geography remains permanent. For the UK, the platform of the AEEBC will always offer a gateway into the European building professions and industry. We in the AEEBC must constantly adapt and learn as a shared body.

This is one of AEEBC's key strengths. Read the full letter.

Sad news

Jan 2021

It is with great shock and sorrow that we receive the news of the passing of Trevor Mole, Past President, colleague and friend in the AEEBC.

As President Trevor was a European visionary who understood the importance and value of cooperation and interaction. He held an innate understanding of the differences that united the AEEBC. Trevor was a force of life and always led by example with no problem insurmountable or left unsolved. Trevor’s attitude and work ethic were immense and lore in the AEEBC. His influence still prevails.

Trevor extended a generosity of spirit and friendship to all he encountered. Trevor leaves many friends. He will be sorely missed. We in the AEEBC can only extend our deepest sympathies to his family, friends and colleagues at PT.
May he rest in peace.

A message from Gert Johansen, President

June 2020

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends,
I write to you in these unprecedented times for our members and friends of the AEEBC. I hope this letter reaches you all in good health and wellbeing. This year has brought us all remarkable changes and some uncertainty in our lives, both personal and professionally. It is my hope that we will all transcend these obstacles and challenges and emerge if not unscathed at least intact from our joint experiences. Apart from the pandemic we also face the fallout of Brexit. Both have yet to reach their conclusions and we as an organization will adapt to meet the outcomes.

I wanted to inform you that the Officers have met both in person (Dublin in April) and by web conference (May and June). Our immediate concern was the ability to meet in 2020 for AEEBC General Assemblies. As it transpired with Travel restrictions our April GA (57th) in Tallinn was cancelled. Sadly, it would appear that Novembers GA is also now cancelled. To address this, we have decided to hold an afternoon Webinar in November for all members.

We hope all can attend/join us for this event. It is hoped to provide an update on AEEBC matters and give all an opportunity to chat and share some time. An agenda and details will be issued in advance. We invite our members to contact us if you have any specific items you might want addressed or discussed on the day.

We have also decided because of meeting restrictions this year that all subscriptions due for 2020 will be waived. The logic for this is simple, we will have no expenses for GA meetings.

On all other fronts the AEEBC remains in good stead. It remains only for me and the Officers of the AEEBC to wish you all well. We hope that we will meet in November (Webinar). As always, our kind regards. Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned if you have any queries.
Yours Sincerely,
Gert Johanson
President. AEEBC.

AEEBC Secretary General

Jan 2020

Juan Lopez-Asiain Martinez (Responsable Gabinete Técnico Consejo, Arquitecto Técnico) took over the role of AEEBC Secretary General during the London Assembly. Photo attached shows (from left to right) President Gert Johansen, outgoing Secretary General Kevin Sheridan, and Juan Lopez-Asiain Martinez.

Project Update: The Final Presentation of the Diagnosis Project

18th October 2019

Building and construction sector in Europe is one of the sectors which suffered most the economic crisis in these last few years, and where for many reasons innovation and upgrading of competences is still difficult to develop, especially in relation to diagnosis processes. Especially in relation to diagnostic approaches and methodologies it is possible to recognize a common emerging need at European level, generated by the lack of available skilled profiles.

Starting from this context, the project general aim is to deepen knowledge about existing up-to-date technological tools for building assessment through the collaboration among international partners, and consequently to upgrade existing training tools and professional qualifications curricula in order to create a renewed professional profile in building and construction sector. With core competences related to the governance of the diagnostic processes.

DIAGNOSIS project also intends to meet Europe 2020 growth strategy priorities on employment and education. The project takes into account also the EU Roadmap Opening up Education (04/2013) enhancing education and skills development through new technologies and underlining “insufficient supply of quality digital contents across languages, subjects and needs”.

More in details, the present intellectual output (IO2), aims at proposing a shared reflection regarding the skills and competences set that the diagnosis expert is asked to possess in order to face the new professional challenges at work, both “managerial” and technical.

The output could be a useful tool for stakeholders’ debate around a crucial professional profile able to manage innovation processes in the building and construction sector.

DETECTA: Dynamic system on BigData for the detection of competency needs in the Construction sector

The Construction sector is affected by significant technological and regulatory changes and must address the challenges of producing buildings and infrastructures adapted to changing social and economic needs and meet global challenges such as energy security and climate change.

Any change in regulations, technology, social, etc., involves the adaptation of companies and workers to such changes, with training being the essential instrument to carry out such adaptation. At present it is possible to find static studies of training needs related to the professional skills for which it is necessary to qualify workers in the sector, but the reality is that tools such as the one proposed by the present project are needed that can detect qualification needs Dynamically and continuously over time and deliver results on:
- Training requirements, emanating from the companies themselves
- Trends in emerging professional skills.
- Current training offer and its adaptation to the demands of companies.
- Geo-positioning of both the job offer and the training offer

The main contribution of the project is DETECTA, a totally innovative tool that provides the results indicated previously. Its operation is based on the management and processing of all the information published in the Network on prospective reports, job offers and training offers to know in real time where and with what qualification the workers are needed and if the training strategies that are proposed In the market respond to the demands of the companies. This is possible thanks to the combination of semantic intelligence technologies with the Big Data's large-volume information analysis power.

55th General Assembly Review

25th-27th April 2019

Held in the Red Cow Moran Hotel, Dublin.

53rd General Assembly Review

April 2018

Held in Budapest.


March 2018

"We are delighted to announce that the CLOEMC IV project titled: "COMMON LEARNING OUTCOMES FOR EUROPEAN MANAGERS IN CONSTRUCTION" ref: ERASMUS+ 2015-1-PL01-KA202-016454 - is now complete. The results of the Intellectual Outputs - the manuals of Construction Managers Library, are freely available at the project website: or under this direct link at WUT's cloud:
Manuals from previous CLOEMC I-III projects are available under this direct link:"

52nd General Assembly Review

November 2017

Held in Lisbon.

51st General Assembly Review

6th-8th April 2017

At the University College Northern Denmark (BIM Conference) & Hotel, Denmark

50th General Assembly Review

November 2016


49th General Assembly Review

April 2016


48th General Assembly Review

30th November 2015

Reports from ECCREDI : The European Council for Construction Research, Development and Innovation.

17th November 2015

The AEEBC receives the latest reports from ECCREDI. Created in Brussels on 19 December 1995; MOU of European Construction organisations (contractors, engineering, consultants, architects & designers, product & material producers, building control organisations, social housing providers and research bodies)


“To contribute to the competitiveness, quality, safety and environmental performance of the construction sector and to the overall sustainability of the built environment, by increasing the extent and effectiveness of construction research, technological and process development and innovation.”


1. Forum for development of consensus on:

  • research, technical and process developments;
  • innovation;
  • increase research & innovation activity in construction sector

2. Promoting consensus throughout European, National and Regional Institutions.

3. Promoting collaboration & networking amongst participating organisations

4. Promote dissemination & exploitation of research outcomes


President, Vice-President, the Secretary General & representatives of;

  • ACE Architects' Council of Europe
  • AEEBC The Association of European Experts in Building and Construction
  • CECODHAS European Liaison Committee for Social Housing
  • CEMBUREAU The European Cement Association
  • CEPMC Council of European Producers of Materials for Construction
  • EAPA European Asphalt Pavement Association
  • ECCE European Council of Civil Engineers
  • ECCS European Convention for Constructional Steelwork
  • EFCA European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations
  • ELGIP European Large Geotechnical Institutes Platform
  • ENBRI European Network of Building Research Institutes
  • ENCORD European Network of Construction Companies for Research & Development
  • EOTA European Organization for Technical Approvals
  • FEHRL Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories
  • FIEC European Construction Industry Federation
  • UEAtc The European Union of Agrément

Future presentations at ECCREDI council

There is a list of presentation in the pipeline inc.

  • SME instrument in Horizon2020
  • Energy Smart Cities
  • IEA, International Energy Agency
  • Common European framework for sustainable building assessment
  • Roadmap for 2050

Construction Products Regulations

20th February 2013

CE marking on construction products will, from the 1st of July 2013, become mandatory when covered by the harmonised European Standards (hEM). This legislation will lay down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products. Introduced by way of the EU Construction Products Regulation (No. 305/2011 – CPR) this was adopted in March 2011 however the main elements of this will apply from July of this year.

The main aim of the Construction Products Directives to overcome the technical barriers to trade where different standards, testing and labeling approaches for the same construction product arise.

All parties involved in the construction industry are advised to make themselves aware of the impending changes. An information paper was produced by the Building Regulations Advisory Board (BRAB) with the assistance of numerous stakeholders to provide importers, manufacturers, distributors and builders/designers with some basic information on the requirements of the legislation.

Please click here to view the Building Regulations Advisory Board information note


March 2018

"We are delighted to announce that the CLOEMC IV project titled: "COMMON LEARNING OUTCOMES FOR EUROPEAN MANAGERS IN CONSTRUCTION" ref: ERASMUS+ 2015-1-PL01-KA202-016454 - is now complete. The results of the Intellectual Outputs - the manuals of Construction Managers Library, are freely available at the project website: or under this direct link at WUT's cloud: Manuals from previous CLOEMC I-III projects are available under this direct link:"