AEEBC Organisation


Appointing groups & commissions to undertake specific tasks.

Who Are The Organisation?

The AEEBC Executive Team recently met in Dublin and spent a few minutes explaining what the AEEBC is all about.

About The Organisation

The AEEBC is a member organisation and has various membership categories with Principal Members being the Governing Body of the association. The General Assembly meets twice year and appoints working groups and commissions from time to time to undertake specific tasks and projects.

Our Executive team consists of:

Robert Patterson
Robert Patterson

Robert Patterson is a Chartered Building Surveyor working in private practice. Robert has been actively involved in the promotion of Building Surveyors (Building Expert) both in Ireland through the SCSI and in Europe with the AEEBC.

Jette Leth Fejerskov Djælund
Jette Leth Fejerskov Djælund
Vice President

Jette is the General Manger of Professional and International Affairs of the Danish Association of Architectural Technologists and Construction Managers, is BSc of honour graduate in Architectural Technology and Construction Management with 30 years of experience in Refurbishment, Renovation, H & S, Facilities Management and Professional and Construction Policy.

Juan Martínez
Juan Martínez
Secretary General

Juan is Technical Architect and Building European Expert with a large experience in the bunding and construction sector, actually is the head of Technical Department in CGATE (Consejo General de la Arquitectura Técnica de España) and teacher in ETSEM – UPM University (Escuela Técnica Superior de Edificación de Madrid).

Martin Russell-Croucher
Martin Russell-Croucher
General Manager

Martin has been the General Manager for AEEBC since 1998. A qualified Chartered Surveyor for over thirty five years and a Chartered Environmentalist, he was also one of the developers and founding members of the EurBE

Professional Development

AEEBC takes a natural interest in the development of the Building Expert profession.

In discussing and working with Professional Development AEEBC tries to further unify the building professions of Europe. The aim is not harmonization but a common platform of understanding.

Professonal Development is dealt with by the Professional Development Committee (PDC). PDC consists of AEEBC delegates taking a particular interest in matters regarding education, qualification and competence.

PDC is to develop and monitor AEEBC’s European Building Expert scheme. See EurBE.